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Funko Pop - Games: Overwatch - Genji - Target Exclusive


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As brother to Hanzo, Genji was the youngest son of the Shimada ninja clan's master. Hanzo was ordered by the clan's elders to kill Genji, and he was believed to have succeeded. However, Genji clung to life, and the Mercy with the Overwatch organization promised to rebuild his body. Collect this awesome skin from Funko as a Target exclusive!

  • - Overwatch | Join the fight for the future
  • - Pop Culture | Funko captures the essence of FUN
  • - Funko | Everyone is a fan of something
  • - Exclusive | Target: Expect More, Pay Less
  • - Warp Gadgets Collectors Packaging | We BUBBLE WRAP all collectibles and ship in TOP QUALITY boxes to make sure you receive your items in display condition.
  • - Product Size (aprox): 8inches (Length) x 5inches (Width) x 5inches (Height)
  • - UPC: 889698322751
  • - Supplier Part #: Gtarget
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